Image Factory

This service offers images for other websites, identified by either the canto_id or asset_id.
Whenever possible, use the canto_id, as the asset_id will be automatically converted to it.

The maximum size of the image is 500x500 pixels for the box and size parameter.


BaseUrl: /imf/{CANTO_OR_ASSET_ID}/ or /im/imf/{CANTO_OR_ASSET_ID}/


Name Description Parameter Default Always Active
size Set Image size to 123x456 pixel, will not change the ratio
  • x → width
  • y → height
/s,x,123,y,456/ 500x500 Yes
box Set the Image to a box of 123x456 pixel, do not stecht the image
  • w → width
  • h → height
/bo,w,123,h,456/ 500x500 Yes
channel Create a grayscale using an channel /cs,c,{r,b,g,c}/ c No
brightnes Set the brightness of the image /b,a,123/ 0 No
gamma Set the gamma of the image /g,a,1/ 0 No
mirror Mirror the image horizontal or vertical /m,d,{h,v}/ No
rotate Rotate the image:
  • a → Angel
  • b → background (optional)
/r,a,90,b,{RRGGBB}/ 0 No
format Set the output format (jpg,png,gif,webp) /f,{j,p,g,w}/ webp Yes

If you want to use multiple parameters, you have to use the / as separator.

Example: /imf/12345/s,123,y,456/bo,w,123,h,456/